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September 11, 2020
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Do-It-Yourself Storage Systems Or Custom Closets -- You Decide

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It's to your benefit to be organized. Everywhere you look, stores have many do-it-yourself organizer systems for sale. Many people may think they can't afford a custom closet designed by a professional, but aren't sure the DIY organizers are worth the expense. Custom closets designed and installed by an expert and do-it-yourself systems with wire racks and rods both have advantages and disadvantages. To make an informed decision, you need to examine the pros and cons of both.

Do-It-Yourself Closet Systems

The most obvious advantage of a do-it-yourself system is it's most likely cheaper. You can go to your local hardware or home improvement store with your measurements and buy the wire racks, rods, and accessories you need. These items are usually fairly easy to install if you have any experience with tools. They are also easy to dismantle if you need to move them to a different location. This may work best for people that move frequently or who are in temporary living quarters that have the desire to be organized. If you have a similar situation or goals, the do-it-yourself system may work out best for you.

The choices available are usually pretty limited. If you're attempting to match your decor or carry a particular color scheme throughout your home, you may be out of luck. Basic white is usually your only choice. If you don't have experience with tools, installing the closets system can be a real challenge. You may have purchased incompatible pieces from different manufacturers or they simply won't fit together as they should. You may find the pieces you want at the store, but you find they're not compatible with the space you have to work with when you get them home.

Professional Custom Designed Closets

Style and quality are the first things you'll notice when you have a professional custom design your closets. Because they are truly custom in design, you can match and carry on your decor. They can blend with your existing decorating theme. If you desire, they may even be a focal point for a room. You can easily add a sense of luxury to any room.

Each custom storage area will feature unique style and utility to help you stay organized. Drawer dividers will help to keep items from sliding to the back each time the drawer is closed and will keep like items organized and close at hand.

Although custom closets may be associated with the bedroom, other places in your home can also be improved. Kitchens are a great place for a custom closet. They will provide space for hard to store items such as cookie sheets and large pans along with the perfect place to hide the ironing board or brooms. They can do this and provide a grand sense of style.

Although the costs associated with custom closets are higher than the typical do-it-yourself system, most people feel the cost is well worth it. They are a wonderful addition to most any home and make the most of any space available and dedicated to storage. If you live in Chicago, New York, or Las Vegas, custom closets can be in your future. Many quality firms will sit down with you and discuss your needs and budget. When cost is a concern, you may opt for a less expensive finish and yet still enjoy the advantages of a well laid out storage system.


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