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March 25, 2020
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Decorating Your Billiard Room

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Now that you've got the billiard table of your dreams, it's time to start decorating your billiard room! Decorating, for some, can be quite a hassle, but if approached with the right attitude, can be the part that's the most fun of completing the perfect billiard room!

Where to Start

The first thing you should do when decorating your billiard room, is laying it all out in your head or on paper first. You don't want to end up with all kinds of decorations that don't go together, or are of colors that clash with each other and make your billiard room look tacky. Since you've already purchased your billiard table, you can decorate your room around the color of the table. For instance, you shouldn't paint the walls a color that will clash with the color of your billiard table. A good neutral color for the walls that doesn't clash with the billiard table is a good way to start decorating your billiard room. The paint will offset your billiard room from the rest of the house, and set the mood for the fun of the game room. Once you've painted, you should choose a billiard lamp. Billiard lamps are the lights that hang from the ceiling, providing light for the players to shoot. Billiard lamps come in all sorts of styles and colors, so choose the one that best compliments your billiard room and your personal preferences.

The Finishing Touches

Putting the finishing touches on your billiard room can make or break it for you. Choose wall hangings that suit your taste, and won't be offensive to guests. You can find decorations for your billiard room at sporting goods stores and any home decorating stores. You'll also need a cue rack. These are usually made of some type of wood, so you should try to find one that's of the same style and type of wood as your billiard table. If there isn't the space in your billiard room for large furniture, try bar stools, as these "go with the flow" of billiards, and are conducive to getting up and down quite a bit. If you are going to add large furniture, you'll need to choose upholstery colors, and wood styles that compliment the color of the paint, and color and style of your billiard table. If you will be adding other games to your billiard room, like a foosball table or a poker table, try to get them in the same wood grain or finish as the billiard table (which is likely the most expensive piece of equipment in the room). Depending on the amount of space that you have, you can turn the billiard room into a multi-purpose game room, install a wet bar, TV, or other amenity to really make your billiard room a center point in your home that everyone will enjoy. Most importantly, you should remember to have fun decorating, and be sure to add the personal touches that make your billiard room your own!


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